Ian Miller is a gifted speaker, lecturer, collaborator and motivator with over 20 years ‘on stage’ experience in front of groups of all sizes and venues from global conferences and think tanks for Fortune 500 companies, to chairing leadership groups, panels and summits for governmental bodies, strategic organizations and national associations to speaking at colleges, schools and local chapters and communities.

His keynote speeches have often been rated the highest at events on ‘adding real value’,  ‘most engaging’ and ‘best insights’ and his range of life experiences from his Australian heritage, to global travel to international sportsman and adventurer allow him to quickly gain the attention and interest of a wide range of audiences.

Key topics.

  • Rocket Branding and how to grow businesses and brands fast
  • Rocket Branding and how to gain accelerated acceptance and action
  • Rocket Branding and 23 real world cases of accelerated growth
  • Global branding… valuable lessons, do’s and don’ts
  • Brand Strategy, Design and Architecture…the 10 success lessons
  • Demystifying Branding…What the non-marketing C level needs to know.
  • Branding in the digital world…what works, what doesn’t
  • Social Collaboration…where social media and marketing pay out
  • Branding a company versus Branding a product or service
  • Branding innovation, technology or new products…what it does not what it is
  • How to create and grow 5 billion dollar brands, and 6 five hundred dollar brands?

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